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To celebrate, our founder Mila has created Summer Foraging, a special recipe zine filled with her favourite flowers, common weeds and garden herbs.

Bring some of nature's magic into your kitchen by learning to identify local plants and transforming them into delicious summer treats!

This zine will inspire you to explore your surroundings, find a sense of calm and connection with nature and gain confidence in foraging.

Have a read below of one of the stories behind this recipe collection...

Love, Loss, and Lemonade

"the ritual of preparing this lemonade makes me feel close to my gran..."

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100% ★★★★★ Reviews

"The Hedgerow Nectar is exceptional.

I have had many comments since using it about how youthful my skin looks, and I love its restorative capacities as well as the silky, plumping feeling...

It's a real gift to find skincare that has only the "goodies" in it and truly works.


— Kerry

hedgerow nectar

Meet the Maker

Like so many who have stumbled upon the plant path, herbalism found Mila when she needed it most...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Strawberry Seed Oil

An emerald green, silky, fast-absorbing and strawberry scented oil rich in essential nutrients that our skin needs...

in hedgerow nectar

Ethics & Sustainability

Organic, fairtrade, vegan, cruelty-free, recyclable, compostable. We care about our planet and its people...

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Handmade with love and care

by formulator, forager and herbalist Mila

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