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Rejuvenate + Rebalance with Ashwagandha Chai

try our new chai latte tonic drink, formulated with ethically sourced adaptogenic ashwagandha root and comforting spices.

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Meet Our Founder Mila

Like so many who stumble onto the plant path, herbalism found Mila when she needed it most.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Yarrow

Astringent, anti-inflammatory yarrow has been used since ancient times as a healer of all kinds of wounds.

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What Is Ethical Beauty?

Sustainable, organic, fairtrade, vegan, recyclable, compostable. We care about our planet.


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Transparent Ingredients

Ethically sourced, homegrown and foraged ingredients, supporting organic, fairtrade cooperatives and women-owned flower farms.

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I can honestly say Mila's Passionflower Chai is one of the best calming remedies I have ever tried. It almost instantly comforts and soothes me, and also tastes and smells totally delicious. It's something I'll want to keep in my cupboard for those nights when you need a cuddle in a cup.


Hedgerow Nectar has been the biggest change in my skin from using a product. I have normal/dry sensitive skin and I'm in my mid 40s, so signs of ageing. My skin looks so plump, dewy and radiant now.


I noticed a difference from Mila's Wildflower Radiance Mask straight away. My skin felt refreshed and pleasantly taught, and after about 3 weeks of using my blackheads had reduced dramatically and my face looks fresh, rather than my normal grey, washed out look. I use it once a week, a little goes a long way. I'm often complimented on my skin now!


Heart of Roses Elixir has a magical way of lifting one's spirits. I received it during my lockdown birthday when I was very much missing my family and friends, but this little remedy eased my heart. It is thick and sweet to taste, and I found it gentle yet effective.