Zoom Hedgerow Nectar Illuminating Facial Oil
Zoom Hedgerow Nectar Antioxidant Facial Oil in an amber glass bottle on a peach background surrounded by the botanicals that feature in the oil: wild strawberries, rosehips, raspberries
Zoom Hedgerow Nectar Illuminating Facial Oil

Hedgerow Nectar Illuminating Facial Oil


This multi-tasking wild strawberry-scented facial oil provides your skin with deep hydration, protection and rejuvenation.

Hedgerow Nectar is a harmonious, vibrant blend of just 4 cold-pressed and organic oils that sink in quickly, resulting in a non-greasy, soft and silky finish. No cheap filler oils here, just potent fruits and herbs. 

Upcycled raspberry and strawberry seed oils, that would otherwise go to waste in Europe's jam-making industry, meet organic hemp and rosehip seed oils to form this nutrient-dense facial nectar.  

The oils in Hedgerow Nectar are full of bioactive compounds, such as essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins, which work together to transform skin that is dull, dry and irritated, into skin that glows with radiance. 

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+ 25ml amber glass bottle

+ Over 200 - 400 uses

+ Protective + collagen-preserving strawberry

+ Anti-inflammatory + deeply moisturising raspberry

+ Rejuvenating rosehip + soothing hemp

+ Balancing + therapeutic steam-distilled geranium bourbon oil

+ Suitable for most skin types: See Is This For Me? 


The Ritual

Mist your face with Damask Rose Hydrolat before applying 1 - 3 drops of Hedgerow Nectar. Gently massage the oils outwards in circular motions to encourage lymphatic flow, making sure to moisturise your neck too. Always apply Hedgerow Nectar to damp skin, to encourage fast and effective absorption of the oils. 

Alternatively, add a drop of Hedgerow Nectar to your favourite face cream to give you a dewy glow. 


Who Is This For?

This is for you if you have dry, dull, combination, sensitive, mature, or damaged skin. Hemp and strawberry seed oils are excellent for oily skin, but if you have very oily skin, you may like to purchase a sample bottle available as part of our Mini Discovery Kit, to see if Hedgerow Nectar is right for you. 

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before using this product as it contains rose geranium essential oil which may not be suitable for you. An essential oil free option is now available.



All of our skincare is made fresh to order and designed to be used. Please use your facial oil within 12 months of purchase, store in a cool, dark place and avoid getting water into the bottle. 

Hedgerow Nectar Illuminating Facial Oil