Zoom Damask Rose Soothing Hydrolat
Zoom Damask Rose Hydrolat in an amber glass bottle with black atomiser lid. On top of a white dish on a warm peach background, with red roses around the bottle
Zoom Damask Rose Hydrolat in amber glass bottle with atomiser lid. Bottle has been sprayed with the rose toner to show how hydrating it is. The bottle is placed on a white dish on a warm peach background, surrounded by red roses

Damask Rose Soothing Hydrolat


In the foothills of Mount Olympus, a small family continue the ancient Syrian art of using fresh, fragrant Damask roses to make this special organic rose water.

Physically, Damask Rose Hydrolat soothes, tones, and refreshes the skin, and locks in hydration of serums and oils, so they can sink in deeply. This rose water has a pH much closer to our skin than tap water, helping to keep the skin balanced.

Energetically, the heady, honeyed fragrance of the damask rose is the perfect pick-me-up, bringing moments of calm and joy to your day.

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+ 100ml amber glass bottle

+ Hydrates, soothes and tones

+ Therapeutic soothing + uplifting fragrance

+ Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

+ Suitable for all skin types

The Ritual

Mist the face directly after cleansing, or apply with a re-usable bamboo or cotton pad.

Gently pat into the skin, and follow with your favourite botanical facial oil while skin is still damp. 

Mist your pillow, clothes, workspace, or the air before you meditate. Use throughout the day whenever your skin needs a boost, or you want to feel the softening, soothing nature of the damask rose.


Is This For Me?

Damask Rose Hydrolat is suitable for everybody. 

Rose magic for all. 




Our skincare is crafted with fresh ingredients and designed to be used. Please keep your hydrolat in a cool, dark place and use within 6 months. In summer, why not store in the refrigerator for an extra soothing treat?

Damask Rose Soothing Hydrolat