Zoom Wild Nettle Drinking Chocolate
Zoom Wild Nettle Drinking Chocolate

Wild Nettle Drinking Chocolate


This limited edition drinking chocolate is designed to bring comfortenergy and replenishment during your moontime. This will be available to ship in two weeks, in time for Christmas. 


Vibrant wild green nettles have been blended with raw cacao, lashings of cacao buttercinnamonginger and nutmeg to become a delicious remedy for those who experience heavy periods (but it's delicious anyway for anyone who needs a little boost).


Nettles + cacao are rich in essential minerals like ironmagnesiumpotassiumcalcium and silica. If you experience heavy bleeding, you will have less iron in your blood which can leave you feeling exhausted and continue the cycle of experiencing a heavy flow. 


Flavour profile: warm, not too rich, sweet, slightly nutty and earthy



Approx 80g (roughly 15 servings)

— Packaged in commercially or home compostable pouch*

Energy-boosting + comforting

Wild foraged nettles

— Organic + ethically sourced



The Ritual

Add 1 heaping tsp to a pan and whisk in a little milk to form a paste (we like oat milk), then gently simmer for 10 minutes.

Take a deep breath, unlock your jaw, drop your shoulders, and sip. You've got this.



Who Is This For?

This is for you if you'd like support through heavy periods, or just like to sip on a comforting hot chocolate on cold winter days. 

This is not suitable during pregnancy. Please note, raw cacao can be quite energising so is best avoided in the evenings. If you have excess iron, are on any medication, nursing or have a serious illness, please consult with your trusted healthcare provider before consuming. 




Please keep your drinking chocolate in a cool, dark cupboard. If the pouch gets wet for any reason, please empty the drinking chocolate into a clean jar and compost the pouch. 

*May take considerably longer to break down in home compost. 

Wild Nettle Drinking Chocolate