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Zoom Heart of Roses Elixir

Heart of Roses Elixir


Heart of Roses is intentionally made to be your gentle plant ally, to calm and uplift during dark times. Roses have long been used for matters of the heart, a wonderful companion during times of uncertainty, upheaval, stress and grief.

A few drops of this elixir on the tongue feels like a warm embrace from an old friend. It has converted even the most skeptical of our founder's friends round to the magic of rose medicine. 

This elixir is ideally used every day as a heart-opening tonic, but is also particularly soothing in the moment for those who experience bouts of worry, hot-headed anger and frustration.

Made from premium English roses, sourced from a women-owned organic flower farm, this elixir (like a tincture, minus the alcohol) tastes like the distant memory of walking through a rose garden on a warm summer's day




— 30ml glass bottle

— Dropper lid with tamper-evident seal

— Organic English roses + palm-free glycerine

— Infused for a minimum of two moon cycles 

— Alcohol-free


The Ritual

Take up to one dropperful of elixir on or under the tongue.

Hold it there for a few moments, allowing the sweet flavour of rose to envelope your senses.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Repeat, if desired, this mantra: "I am calm, I am safe, I am love."


Who Is This For?

This elixir may be for you if you ever feel hot with anger, frustrated, worried, stressed, sad, or grieved.

This elixir may not be for you if you are on any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding. If any of these apply to you, please do not consume this product before consulting with your trusted healthcare provider.

Warning: Heart of Roses Elixir may contain mustards or leaf celery.



Please store your elixir in a dark, cool place, such as in your tea cupboard or purse. Since this is a handmade product, colour and taste may vary with each batch.

Heart of Roses Elixir