Zoom Ashwagandha Chai
Zoom Ashwagandha Chai
Zoom Ashwagandha Chai

Ashwagandha Chai


This lightly spiced adaptogenic tonic drink helps you to relax, rejuvenate, and restore your vitality. Ultimately, it brings deep nourishment so you can get back to being you again.

Ashwagandha Chai is a potent, delicious and creamy powder blend of whole ashwagandha root with a hint of cardamom, nutmeg and black pepper.

This root is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it adapts to your body's own unique needs, and supports the adrenal system in recovery from illness, fatigue and burnout — ashwagandha is currently being studied for its beneficial effects on long covid. Revered in Ayurvedic medicine as a Rasayana herb, it is known to support our bodies on a cellular level, bringing vitality to all our systems. 

Our Nagori ashwagandha root is the premium variety of this plant, and has been ethically sourced from small-scale family-run allotments in India, grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, and expertly blended with organic spices from India and Sri Lanka.




+ 60g blend (about 35 servings) 

+ Approx 99% ashwagandha, 1% spices

+ Recyclable + reusable amber glass with aluminium lid

+ Ethically sourced, grown without the use of chemical fertilisers

+ Free from caffeine, dairy and sugar


The Ritual 

Add 1/2 tsp Ashwagandha Chai Latte to a mug of warmed milk (we like oat milk) and whisk thoroughly. For increased absorption, add a little plant-based ghee or coconut oil. Can also be added to your coffees, turmeric lattes and hot chocolates.

For a frothier latte-style drink add 1/2 tsp chai with a little milk in a pan, then whisk into a paste. Add the rest of the milk, whisk thoroughly, and allow to gently simmer for 10 minutes. Blitz in a blender or with a milk frother and enjoy. Some sediment is natural and is perfectly fine to drink!

Look out for Ashwagandha Chai recipes coming soon on the journal. 


Is This For Me?

This is for you if you are feeling frazzled, fatigued, lacking energy and vitality, stressed, have difficulty sleeping, feeling burnt out, or want to boost sexual desire. 

This is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, and if you are nursing or take medication do not consume without consulting your healthcare provider first. Avoid using if sensitive to plants in the nightshade family, or if you have hyperthyroid disease or hemochromatosis. 

Caution: May contain trace allergens.

Ashwagandha Chai